Mainstream Journalism vs the shark

What a disappointing and clichéd opinion piece from Garry Linnell, “How on earth did sharks become the new dolphin? (smh,Oct 7, 2016), where he likens the ‘new movement’ of people who find it ‘cool to love sharks’ are similar to ‘women who write love letters to convicted murders.’

Using the words ‘love’ and ‘flaky’ to describe a new generation of people who have decided to educate themselves about the enormous pressures sharks face from commercial fisheries and human interference show his arrogance and historically limited views.

It seems the fear of sharks in mainstream journalism is still alive and we should chant, ‘the only good shark is a dead shark.’

People swim in areas where sharks hunt for fish, so to kill them for it is deluded. Instead of Linnell’s suggestion of a ‘managed reduction’ of sharks, we should be looking at a managed reduction of commercial fishing so that sharks have larger food sources out at sea.

Research has shown that a massive depletion of sharks has cascading effects throughout the oceans’ ecosystem. Sharks are not hunting people for food; they encounter them accidently.

What we can learn from sharks is how to co-exist with other species, and we owe the shark its continual survival, not a revenge-killing spree.



Harriet Jones

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